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What this blog is all about! (An attempt at a introduction)

Everyone wants a piece of us!

Everyone wants a piece of us!

There are so many lies and agendas being pushed the world over by deceivers, propagandists, international manipulators and especially global news agency machinery such as CNN and BBC.    They never tell us the truth but rather their version of what they want us to think the truth is.    They ignore good stories and instead push all incidents of death, disease and violence in order to keep us in a constant state of fear and loathing.  This is especially true here in Africa where western media has continued to portray us as the Dark Continent full of disease, death and corruption.

Africa is rising.  But they blatantly ignore this!  This is because their owners are not with us, they do not want us to arise and claim our rightful place in society.  In fact they oppose our sudden self-confidence, growth and development.  This does not fit into the image they want the world and Africans themselves, to have of Africa.

The world is ignorant of Africa because they rely on new agencies such as BBC, Fox News and CNN to tell them about us.  These news agencies portray us as ignorant, poor, sick and in need of help because the people that control them, want the word to view us that way.  Worse still, they want us Africans to view ourselves that way so that we can continue to be manipulated and exploited.

You see Africa is the final frontier.  Not only do we have many un-exploited natural resources, we are also home to the largest continent on Earth which is the breadbasket of humanity and the last frontier of the world.  On top of all this, Africa is home to the raw material of the technology of the 21st century.  Everyone wants a piece of us! And they are ready to fight for it even if that means fighting us for it!


Yes – the maps have been manipulated, like most of the facts in today’s world.  The powers that be make Africa appear small on all the maps of the world when Africa is actually a sleeping Giant.  They tell tales of our ignorance and poverty, our greed and corruption, when we are actually the wealthiest continent on the world.  In fact the African people should be among the richest on Earth.

The war for Africa is ongoing.  It is not a physical war with guns and bullets but rather a war for our spirits and our minds first and foremost because once these have been subdued, it is much easier to exploit our bodies and our land.  This war is being supported by foreign manipulators often known as ‘the cabal’ who use western governments, new agencies and ‘international organizations’ to spread lies, disease and negative propaganda across the continent.  They support corrupt leaders, selfish revolutions and any project that will destroy the African people – or at the very least keep them weak and controlled.

That is why the time for Africa to Arise and claim her rightful place among humanity is right now!  For not only must we liberate ourselves but we must help to save the rest of humanity from themselves.  You see the rest of the world is just as trapped in the lies and manipulations as we are – if not more so.   They are victims of a vicious elite that has controlled and manipulated them for centuries.  The elite are not the presidents of nations but the leaders of global corporations that have billions of dollars at their disposal, billions of people under their control and they want to keep it that way.  They will do whatever it takes to keep the status quo as it is including lying, stealing and killing people from around the world.   The next frontier is Africa and they want to be the only ones to benefit from it.  They must be the only ones to benefit from it so that they can maintain their global position as the grand puppet masters of humanity.

The truth is they are not more powerful than you and me.  The only advantage they have is access to knowledge and sacred information that they have removed from mainstream society.  This powerful knowledge gives them an edge over the average human – more like a head start – because they are privy to knowledge of how humanity works and their true origins and power.  With this knowledge they have lied, tricked, and distracted humanity from knowing itself and this has helped them to become the corrupt, greedy, kings and queens of the world.

But they are running out of time as humanity starts to move beyond time and all its trappings.  They are losing their controlling grip as platforms such as these give us more and more opportunities to expose them and their evil activities as well as become more aware of our inherent power and capabilities.

The fight for Africa is in full steam and we are being called upon to join the liberation movement.  The role we are being asked to play in one of a full aware, awakened and involved citizen.  This all starts with being aware of what is  really going on around us.  We must learn to question everything – including this blog (hehe).  We must learn to look beyond the veil of illusion to what is really going on around us.

Knowledge is one of the greatest powers on Earth!

Through this blog we expose the puppet master’s agenda and one day – even the puppet masters themselves so that we can start cracking and breaking down this grand illusion they have created all around us.


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